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OASISFormat: 0.4
Name: lustre-v6
Version: 6.101.7
Synopsis: The Lustre V6 Verimag compiler
Description: This package contains:
- lv6: the (current) name of the compiler (and interpreter via -exec)
- the lustre-v6 ocaml lib: allows to call the Lustre v6 interpreter from ocaml
- the lustre-v6 rdbg plugin: allows to debug Lustre v6 program wth rdbg
Authors: Erwan Jahier and Pascal Raymond
License: CeCILL
Plugins: DevFiles (0.3), META (0.3), StdFiles (0.3)
OCamlVersion: >= 4.02
BuildTools: ocamlbuild
SourceRepository master
Type: git
# distribution version (native)
Executable lv6
Path: src/
BuildTools: ocamlbuild
BuildDepends: str,unix,num,lutils,extlib
CompiledObject: native
# debug-able version (bytecode)
Executable "lv6.dbg"
Path: src/
BuildTools: ocamlbuild
BuildDepends: str,unix,num,lutils,extlib
CompiledObject: byte
# to use ocamldebug:
# - here: set CompiledObject from native to byte
# - from emacs: [M-x ocamldebug] ~/lus2lic/_build/src/main.byte
# - from ocamldebug prompt:
# cd test
# set arg blabla
# dir ~/lus2lic/src ~/lus2lic/ ~/lus2lic/_build/src ~/rdbg/src ~/rdbg/_build/src ~/lutils/src ~/lutils/_build/src
Library "lustre-v6"
XMETADescription: an API to call the Lustre v6 interpreter from rdbg (and ocaml as a side effect)
Modules: Lv6Run
Path: src/
BuildTools: ocamlbuild
BuildDepends: str,unix,num,rdbg
XMETAEnable: true
InternalModules: SocExecValue,SocUtils,Lv6util,Lv6version,Lv6errors,Lxm,Lv6MainArgs,Lv6Verbose,Soc2cIdent,Soc,SocPredef,Lv6Id,SocExecDbg,SocExec,SocExecEvalPredef,Lv6Compile,AstTab,AstTabSymbol,AstInstanciateModel,Lv6parserUtils,AstV6,FilenameExtras,LicTab,LicDump,AstPredef,Lic,AstCore,FreshName,IdSolver,EvalConst,LicEvalConst,LicEvalType,UnifyType,Ast2lic,AstV6Dump,EvalClock,UnifyClock,LicEvalClock,EvalType,LicPrg,LicMetaOp,L2lCheckOutputs,Lv6Misc,L2lRmPoly,L2lExpandMetaOp,L2lSplit,L2lExpandNodes,L2lExpandArrays,L2lCheckLoops,L2lCheckMemSafe,L2lOptimIte,Lv6lexer,Lv6parser,AstRecognizePredef,Lic2soc,Action,ActionsDeps,SocVar,TopoSort,SortActions,SortActionsExpe,L2lCheckCKeyWord,L2lCheckKcgKeyWord,L2lWhenOnId,L2lNoWhenNot,L2lRemoveAlias,L2lExpandEnum,Dbg
# Comment se passer de cette liste à la Prevert ?
# DO NOT EDIT (digest: ea1baf54d8f4bef461ce90069a0bac28)
# Ignore VCS directories, you can use the same kind of rule outside
# OASIS_START/STOP if you want to exclude directories that contains
# useless stuff for the build process
true: annot, bin_annot
<**/.svn>: -traverse
<**/.svn>: not_hygienic
".bzr": -traverse
".bzr": not_hygienic
".hg": -traverse
".hg": not_hygienic
".git": -traverse
".git": not_hygienic
"_darcs": -traverse
"_darcs": not_hygienic
# Executable lv6
"src/main.native": package(extlib)
"src/main.native": package(lutils)
"src/main.native": package(num)
"src/main.native": package(str)
"src/main.native": package(unix)
# Executable lv6.dbg
"src/main.byte": package(extlib)
"src/main.byte": package(lutils)
"src/main.byte": package(num)
"src/main.byte": package(str)
"src/main.byte": package(unix)
<src/*.ml{,i,y}>: package(extlib)
<src/*.ml{,i,y}>: package(lutils)
# Library lustre-v6
"src/lustre-v6.cmxs": use_lustre-v6
<src/*.ml{,i,y}>: package(num)
<src/*.ml{,i,y}>: package(rdbg)
<src/*.ml{,i,y}>: package(str)
<src/*.ml{,i,y}>: package(unix)
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