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    hosts + docker · 99edc9a4
    nherbaut authored
    vagrant + salt + some formulas
    added some scripts for docker bootstraping
    master specs
    moved around
    master ok
    updated readme
    external config
    ext conf
    fixe issue with /etc/hosts
    nftables installation
    added mac address to nftables
    telegraf service configuration
    experimental data
    added telegraf binary
    added influx db
    added the tick stack
    fixed memory for vbox provider
    fixed compozer + tools for stack
    influx in container
    added libvirt support
    minion count variable
    fixed different nicnames accross boxes
    extra config
    more stack tweaking
    nfs config sharing
    Update README.md
    fix docker dependencyw
    uptaed telegraf (can be configured)
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