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Add WIB and SasaExplore

Gwennan Eliezer requested to merge find-worst-path into master

WIB and SasaExplore allows to run Explorers, which are daemons for SASA able to restore an old state of the simulation.

To run SasaExplore, run sasa with the option --explore-daemon (or -expd) followed by the name of the daemon to run. An empty simulation with only written Not_found means that the explorer was not found.

To run WIB from an algorithm in the tests directory, add the following lines to your makefile:

include $(SASA_WIB_DIR)/

Then run make wib-run-EXPLORER dot=DOTFILE by replacing EXPLORER by the explorer's name and DOTFILE by the name of the .dot file to run with SASA. WIB should be able to know all the dependencies and make them if they don't exist, or give an error if it can't make them. The error no rune for ... might say that the explorer does not exist.

Depending on your current location, you might need to change the value of SASA_WIB_DIR to an actual copy of WIB.

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