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Update: rename the source dir src (was bin)

For some reason, I believed that the source dir containing the main
program need to be named bin for dune to work smoothly. But actually,
it seems to work fine with src, so let's go for it.
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SHA:=$(shell git log -1 --pretty=format:"%h"|| echo "err")
BRANCH:=$(shell git branch | grep "*" | cut -d ' ' -f 2 || echo "err")
VERSION=$(shell git describe --tags)
rm -f bin/
gen_version: del_version bin/
echo "(* generated by ../Makefile.version *)" > bin/ ; \
echo "let str=\"$(VERSION)\"" >> bin/ ; \
echo "let sha=\"$(SHA)\"" >> bin/ ; \
echo "let branch=\"$(BRANCH)\"" >> bin/
(* generated by ../Makefile.version *)
let str="0.10"
let sha="28068e9"
let str="1.0.1"
let sha="622c02c"
let branch="master"
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