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fix: wrong information was displayed when run under rdbg with internal deamons

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......@@ -147,8 +147,8 @@ let (make_do: string array -> 'v SimuState.t -> RdbgPlugin.t) =
(get_action_value sl_in) Step.f
(* 3: Do the steps *)
let st = Sasacore.Step.f pnal st in
sasa_config := st.config;
let nst = Sasacore.Step.f pnal st in
sasa_config := nst.config;
("silent", Data.B silent)::("legitimate", Data.B legit)::pot_sl @
(from_sasa_env st) @ (get_sl_out true pl enab_ll) @
(get_sl_out false pl activate_val)
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