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test: update the expected files for rsp-tree

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# Time-stamp: <modified the 01/09/2021 (at 11:01) by Erwan Jahier>
# Time-stamp: <modified the 02/09/2021 (at 09:58) by Erwan Jahier>
test: grid4.gm_test er30.gm_test udg100.gm_test ba100.gm_test
[ -s grid4.res ] && make grid4.ugm_test || echo "grid4 ok"
[ -s er30.res ] && make er30.ugm_test || echo "er30"
[ -s udg100.res ] && make udg100.ugm_test || echo "udg100 ok"
[ -s ba100.res ] && make ba100.ugm_test || echo "ba100 ok"
-include ../
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