Commit b4fdf177 authored by erwan's avatar erwan
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Build: track the Makefile.version so that src/ can be regenerated each time

parent ddd25de0
......@@ -32,7 +32,11 @@ update_version:
rm -f src/
make src/
cp _oasis
ifneq (,$(findstring -,$(VERSION)))
echo "won't update _oasis"
cat | sed "s/^Version:.*/Version: $(VERSION)/" > _oasis
rm -f committed
make clean && make
SHA:=$(shell git log -1 --pretty=format:"%h")
# Both work. Which one is the best?
VERSION=$(shell ./node_modules/.bin/git-latest-semver-tag)
VERSION=$(shell git describe --tags)
rm -f src/
gen_version: del_version src/
echo "let str=\"$(VERSION)\"" > src/ ; \
echo "let sha=\"$(SHA)\"" >> src/
let str="1.48.4"
let sha="d90fc9d"
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