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Atharva Pandit requested to merge newsetup3 into master

New file. I am not sure if all of the changes are necessary, this is just something that worked on my system. To install, I ran the command "python build_ext --inplace --force" and then "python install --user".

In the C files, I've added a parameter of attenuation coefficient to the projection function (and made the necessary changes in all the other files) and changed the output from length to exp(coeff*length).

Also added an output folder for nddem. Changed tifffile.imsave to tifffile.imwrite in the files.

Ignore all the changes in the .ipynb files or the images, that was just me trying stuff out. The important changes are only in "" and all the cpp/hpp/pyx files in tools/projectSphereC3.cython

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