Commit 5f58b9bb authored by Astor Bizard's avatar Astor Bizard
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Removed link on Advanced settings from menu.

parent 41e0ca19
......@@ -599,15 +599,12 @@ function vpl_extend_settings_navigation(settings_navigation $settings, navigatio
)), $fkn);
// Advanced settings.
$urlexecutionfiles = new moodle_url( '/mod/vpl/forms/files.php', array (
'id' => $cmid,
'type' => 'execution'
$advanced = vpl_navi_node_create($vplnode, 'advancedsettings',
$urlexecutionfiles, $fkn,
navigation_node::TYPE_CONTAINER, 'moodle');
$advanced = vpl_navi_node_create($vplnode, 'advancedsettings', null, $fkn, navigation_node::TYPE_CONTAINER, 'moodle');
vpl_navi_node_create($advanced, 'executionfiles',
new moodle_url( '/mod/vpl/forms/files.php', array (
'id' => $cmid,
'type' => 'execution'
vpl_navi_node_create($advanced, 'maxresourcelimits',
new moodle_url( '/mod/vpl/forms/executionlimits.php', $parms ));
vpl_navi_node_create($advanced, 'keepfiles',
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