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Resolve "Implement a retry-on-failure mechanism when check results are not satisfactory"

Closes #77 (closed)

  • Add a retries field on Check model
  • Update store_check_result() method : update Check instance rather than creating a new one and increment retries field
  • Do not run check when related mseed is not present on file-system
  • Choose a result backend for celery
  • Select all unsatisfactory check results
  • Rerun failed checks
  • Implement both ways of getting inventory (reading it and downloading it) before removing instrumental response
  • log BadRequests
  • Make sure that Check is updated for every retry (now, the store_check_result() method is not run)
  • Add a daily task to the beat_schedule to rerun problematic checks
  • Refactoring des tâches get_mseed_for_channel, build_check_list et check_item (supprimer l'argument date ?, )

Edited by Simon Panay

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