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If you are a UGA student, first log onto the university notebook server:
Open a new terminal : `New` > `Terminal`
if you know how to use `git` to keep track of your changes and the changes in the original repository, go for it...
git clone # clone the project
and you are ready to go...
if not, then you should use the following safeguard:
mkdir depot_TP # create new folder
cd depot_TP # change directory ("cd") to this new folded
git clone # clone the project
from here, do not work, ever, in `depot_TP`
instead, create a working directory at your prefered place, where you copy the cloned TP:
cd ~/notebooks # change directory to the notebooks folder
cp -r ../depot_TP/ . # copy (cp) the TP_Sahel directory to here
then start working in the notebooks !
# installing missing libraries
from within the terminal:
conda install whatever_library
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