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......@@ -40,3 +40,34 @@ from within the terminal:
conda install whatever_library
# session 2
I updated some clean data file in the `data` directory, as well as some details in the notebook for this session.
here is what you should do to update your own jupyterhub:
first log onto the university notebook server:
Open a new terminal : `New` > `Terminal`
if you followed my lead last week, then you should execute each of the following lines one by one (do not copy what is after #):
cd ~/depot_AASQA # change directory ("cd") to this new folded
git pull # clone the project
this should just dowload whatever I modified, without touching anything else
from here, you copy the two files your need for today's work
cp -r ./m1-variabilite/data/cham*.csv ~/notebooks/TP_ASQAA/data # copy (cp) the longest dataset
cp -r ./m1-variabilite/data/data_airrhonalpes_part2.csv ~/notebooks/TP_ASQAA/data # copy (cp) the clean dataset
cd ~/notebooks # change directory to the notebooks folder
then close the tab containing the terminal
you should now have all that is needed for sesson 2!
open it, and start working (aasqa_part2_v2018.ipynb) !
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