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......@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@ we will use `git` to download the practical material into your work area. for th
cd ~/notebooks
git clone # clone the project
cp DO-NOT-USE-original-notebooks/ERCA_intro-data_p1_data-munging.ipynb your-work-notebooks/my_ERCA_data_p1_data-munging.ipynb
cp DO-NOT-USE-original-notebooks/ERCA_intro-data_p2_groupby-resample.ipynb your-work-notebooks/my_ERCA_data_p2_groupby-resample.ipynb
cd m1-variabilite
cp -r DO-NOT-USE-original-notebooks/ERCA_intro-data_p1_data-munging.ipynb my-work
this downloaded into your `notebooks`folder (the one where jupyter lives) the practical matertial from my git repository (second line), then copied into a dedicated sub-folder (`your-work-notebooks`) the notebooks we will play with
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ Open a new terminal : `New` > `Terminal`
if you followed my lead last week, then you should execute each of the following lines one by one (do not copy what is after #):
cd ~/notebooks/m&-variabilite # change directory ("cd") to this new folded
cd ~/notebooks/m1-variabilite # change directory ("cd") to this new folded
git pull # updates the project, normally without touching your work directory
this should just dowload whatever I modified, without touching anything else
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