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Commit 55cf6e66 authored by EXT José Ignacio Requeno Jarabo's avatar EXT José Ignacio Requeno Jarabo
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Bugfixing in scaling rectangles

parent a7ac1b01
Pipeline #32873 canceled with stages
......@@ -1090,6 +1090,9 @@ class Rectangle(object):
self.min_corner = f(self.min_corner)
self.max_corner = f(self.max_corner)
self.min_corner = minimum(self.min_corner, self.max_corner)
self.max_corner = maximum(self.min_corner, self.max_corner)
# Matplot functions
def plot_2D(self, c='red', xaxe=0, yaxe=1, opacity=1.0):
# type: (Rectangle, str, int, int, float) -> patches.Rectangle
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