Commit 66b73846 authored by erwan's avatar erwan
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Fix: actions with parenthesis broke the rdbg plugin

parent 9689b826
open Sasacore
(* open SasArg *)
let (get_action_value : (string * Data.v) list -> string -> string -> bool) =
fun sl pid a ->
let vn = Printf.sprintf "%s_%s" pid a in
let vn = Printf.sprintf "%s_%s" pid (StringOf.action a) in
match List.assoc_opt vn sl with
| Some (Data.B b) -> b
| None
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ let (get_sl_out: bool -> 'v Process.t list -> bool list list -> =
List.flatten (
List.map2 (fun p enab_l ->
List.map2 (fun a enab ->
Printf.sprintf "%s%s_%s" str a, Data.B enab)
Printf.sprintf "%s%s_%s" str (StringOf.action a), Data.B enab)
p.actions enab_l)
pl ll
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