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Fix: in the sasa rdbg plugin with internal deamon, the value of local vars were shifted

More precisely, they were not consistent by the behavior of -custd mode.
Indeed, It was returning the values of variables after the step is performed.

In the custom demon mode, sasa returns Enab and variable values before
the Activate is computed by the demon.

Chosing one behavior or the other is arguable ; the main advantage of
this choice is that we don't miss the initial values.
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......@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ let (make_do: string array -> SasArg.t ->
(* 3: Do the steps *)
let ne = Sasa.do_step pnal e in
let sasa_nenv = from_sasa_env pl_n ne in
let sasa_nenv = from_sasa_env pl_n e in
sasa_env := ne;
sasa_nenv @ (get_sl_out true pl enab_ll) @
(get_sl_out false pl activate_val)
......@@ -146,13 +146,7 @@ let (make_do: string array -> SasArg.t ->
let step_dbg sl_in ctx cont = cont (step sl_in) ctx in
this event is useless actually; the same information is available at Rtop
Event.nb = ctx.Event.nb;
Event.step = ctx.Event.step;
Event.depth = ctx.Event.depth; =;
Event.terminate = ctx.Event.terminate;
{ ctx with
Event.kind = Event.Exit;
Event.lang = "sasa";
Event.sinfo = None;
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