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      Plug the lus2lic lib to ldbg and lurettetop. The "v6" rp port now uses lus2lic -exec · 472c46b7
      Erwan Jahier authored
      (and do not go via ec anymore).
      Split the Failure module so that it can be shared with the lus2lic
      ldbg plugin without requiring the bdd lib.
      + mv the lus2licRun.ml/mli file to the Lurette git repo.
      + add a copy (in read-only mode) of the source files of the lus2lic compiler
      + Share the comion content of Makefile.lurettetop and Makefile.ldbg via a new
      Makefile.comon that is included in both.
      + Merge code of modules that are now shared with the lus2lic repo:
       -  Verbose, Data, Rif_base
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      Some work to make the non-reg tests work on win32. · ccf44dd9
      Erwan Jahier authored
      It is a bit tricky because all the tools are compiled with the mingw
      compiler, which means that all the system calls are done via the DOS
      convention. Therefore, we need  to use :
      - the rigth path conventions
      - .bat instead of .sh scripts
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      Change the whole non-reg test scheme and make it work for win32 arch. · 47fa7fe5
      Erwan Jahier authored
      Add a  --ocamlc-version option to lurettetop and lutin.
      The idea is to put all the .exp files into a `lurettetop/lutin --ocamlc-version`
      dir so that I have an .exp file for each ocaml version.
      If the `lurettetop --ocaml-version`/*.exp does not exist, I generate it.
      Also, don't non-reg test lucky dirs anymore (because they are boring).
      Aldo, don't rely on the HOSTTYPE env var, but use Sys.os_type instead.
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      Fix the ocaml lurette support. That was due to source/Makefile that · 15c0f0f2
      Erwan Jahier authored
      should make sure that no sut.cmx (nor oracle.cmx) is around when
      generating the lib lurette_ml_exe.cmxa.
      Allow lutin files wherever lucky files were expected !!  For
      instance, luc2c now accepts lutin files (so lucky do).  hum... All
      those tools ougth to be renamed at some points.
      Encapsulate the show_env program with a scrit sourcing set_env_var.
      Makefile cleaning.
  28. 12 Oct, 2010 1 commit
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      Makefile hacking to compile everything under windows, and to generate a luc4c.dll. · 4c3993cb
      Erwan Jahier authored
      In particular, make sure we don't pass the '-cc gcc' option to
      ocamlopt, as since ocaml version 3.11 (because of flexdll), it breaks
      the compilation under windows.
      Moreover, I've added the fenv.cc/.h (from the cygwin cvs rep) that is
      currently only available in dev version of cygwin (feature introduced
      the 10/09/2010).
      Also, disable the ocaml/xlurette test as it is currently broken (i
      will fix it later).
  29. 18 Aug, 2010 1 commit
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      Enhance ocaml support in lurette (cf 74f93d6c) · 533fac24
      Erwan Jahier authored
      The oracle is not necessary anymore to run a test.
      Moreover, the sut no more needs to (and must not) be named 'sut.ml'
      (resp.  'oracle.ml' for the oracle).
      Moreover, rename the env var EXTRA_CFILES into EXTRA_SOURCE_FILES, so that users
      use it for ocaml programs.
  30. 13 Jul, 2010 1 commit
    • Erwan Jahier's avatar
      Add ocaml support in lurette. · 74f93d6c
      Erwan Jahier authored
      For the time being, it crashes if no valid oracle.ml exists in the
      user directory. Moreover, and the sut has to be named 'sut.ml' (resp.
      oracle.ml for the oracle). But otherwise, it works fine.
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    • Erwan Jahier's avatar
      Code re-organisation to abstract Lucky concrete concepts from the · bd9c508e
      Erwan Jahier authored
      rest of the modules. More precisely, the lucky tools now rely only on
      Prog (see below), that is Lucky-agnostic.
      The rationale is to ease the plug of a Lutin programs interpreter
      afterwards. Indeed, one (ougth to) just need to implement its own
      version of the Prog module.
      To do that, I've splitted LusProg into :
      Then, I moved the content of Env_state into LucProg. And all this
      had some consequences, that cause more code movement.
  36. 28 May, 2010 1 commit
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      Beautifying a little bit the code from places to places. · bd904a00
      Erwan Jahier authored
      Actually, my first idea was to change Run_aut so that the fact that
      several programs were run in parallel was hidden. But it turned out
      to be a bad idea, because of numeric unsatisfiability + the
      interaction between the module that choses a formula, and the one
      that draw (performing the numeric satisfiability solving). Indeed,
      when a formula appear to be unsatisfiable for numeric reason, we need
      to backtrack in via Run_aut.choose_on_formula in one of the
      Run_aut.t ; but of course if the list of Run_aut.t is hidden, we are
      dead. One solution would have been to complicate a little bit the
      Run_aut.t interface ; but my first motivation was actually to
      simplify it...