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Some cleaning in the exemples directory

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OASISFormat: 0.4
Name: Lutin
Version: 2.50
Version: 2.51
Authors: Erwan Jahier, Pascal Raymond, Bertrand Jeannnet (polka), Yvan Roux
License: CeCILL
# run all the non-regression tests
# a faire coté lutin: luckyDraw, xlurette/Gyro, crazy-rabbit
rm -f */.lurette_rc */*/.lurette_rc */*/*/.lurette_rc
cd lucky/external_code && make test;
cd lucky/other && make test ;
cd lucky/tut-examples/ && make test;
cd xlurette/Gyro && make test ;
cd xlurette/fault-tolerant-heater/ && make test ;
cd xlurette/heater/ && make test ;
cd luckyDraw/ocaml/ && make test ;
cd ocaml/xlurette && make test ;
ifneq ($(HOST_TYPE),mac)
# cd xlurette/Sildex/ && make test ;
cd ocaml/crazy-rabbit/ && make test ;
((which rmlc && cd rml/ && make test) || true) ;
ifeq ($(HOST_TYPE),sparc-sun)
cd xlurette/Scade-sparc && make test ;
ifeq ($(HOST_TYPE),cygwin)
cd xlurette/Scade-win32 && make test ;
echo "no scade for linux"
echo "All lucky tests ran correctly."
# test-fail:
cd lutin/up_and_down && make test;
cd up_and_down && make test;
# cd lutin/test_ok && make test;
cd lutin/lurettetop && make test;
cd lutin/call-luciole && make test ;
cd lutin/ocaml && make test;
cd lutin/external_code && make test;
cd lutin/luciole && make test ;
cd lutin/crazy-rabbit && make test;
cd lurette_old && make test;
cd call-luciole && make test ;
cd from_ocaml && make test;
cd external_code && make test;
cd luciole && make test ;
cd crazy-rabbit && make test;
echo "All lutin tests ran correctly."
# XXX Broken !
......@@ -49,6 +19,5 @@ test-lutin:
# problem ~
test: test-lutin
Make sure that caml code can be called from lurette.
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ $(OBJDIR)/bool_utils_au_plus_2_parmi_3.c : $(OBJDIR)/bool_utils_au_plus_2_parmi_
ifndef LUTIN
run: $(OBJDIR)/$(MAIN).$(DLEXT)
Test that makes sure that lutin is still able to call c code
Test that make sure that lutin can be called from ocaml
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ open RdbgPlugin
let _ =
let inputs, outputs, kill, step, step_dbg, mems_i,mems_o =
let args = Array.of_list ["../../../bin/lutin";"foo.lut";"-n";"main";"-seed";"1"] in
let args = Array.of_list ["lutin";"foo.lut";"-n";"main";"-seed";"1"] in
let plugin = LutinRun.make args in
ifndef LUTIN
......@@ -109,18 +109,18 @@ utest: utest1 utest2 utest4
test: test1 test2 test4 %.lus
../../../bin/lus2lic$(EXE) -ec $^ -n $* -o $@
../../bin/lus2lic$(EXE) -ec $^ -n $* -o $@
../../../bin/ec2c$(EXE) -loop
../../bin/ec2c$(EXE) -loop
gcc heater_control.c heater_control_loop.c -o $@
../../../bin/ec2c$(EXE) -loop $^
../../bin/ec2c$(EXE) -loop $^
LIB=-I ../../../lib graphics.cmxa ocaml2c.cmx ocamlRM.cmx -I +rdbg-plugin rdbg-plugin.cmxa
XXX=-I ../../../source/obj-linux/
LIB=-I ../../lib graphics.cmxa ocaml2c.cmx ocamlRM.cmx -I +rdbg-plugin rdbg-plugin.cmxa
XXX=-I ../../source/obj-linux/
# Essai pour appeler via des cmxs du code C généré par lus2c
# Bon, ca semble ne pas marcher (au 4/11/2013)
Testing the old version of lurette (calling conventions changed)
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