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Doc: Add a and remove old oasis generated files

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Lutin: modeling stochastic reactive systems.
Lutin is a language to model stochastic reactive systems. It has been
initially designed to model environments and perform automated testing of
reactive systems with Lurette.
* Installing =lutin= via opam
End users ougth to install =lutin= via opam.
$ opam repo add verimag-sync-repo ""
$ opam update
$ opam install lutin
* Installing =lutin= via pre-compiled binaries
cf the Install section of
* Installing the (git controlled) source
You first need to install dune and gnu-make. To have all the necessary
dependencies, it migth help to use opam
opam install lutils lutin
opam remove lutin
Then you should install lutils (either via opam or via the git repo)
Then 'make' should build all the executables, 'make install' should
install everything, and 'make test' ougth to exit with a 0 return
opam install lutils extlib camlidl
git clone
cd lutin
make install
make test
* Contribute
To contribute, you need to create an account on
......@@ -340,6 +340,8 @@ bin: [
doc: [
stublibs: [
opam-version: "1.2"
maintainer: ""
authors: [ "Erwan Jahier"
"Pascal Raymond"
"Bertrand Jeannnet (polka)"
"Yvan Roux" ]
license: "CeCILL"
homepage: ""
dev-repo: ""
bug-reports: ""
tags: [ "clib:stdc" "clib:camlidl" ]
build: [
["oasis" "setup"]
["ocaml" "" "-configure" "--prefix" prefix]
[make "build"]
install: [make "install"]
remove: [
["ocaml" "%{etc}%/lutin/" "-C" "%{etc}%/lutin" "-uninstall"]
build-test: [
["oasis" "setup"]
["ocaml" "" "-configure" "--enable-tests"]
["ocaml" "" "-build"]
["ocaml" "" "-test"]
build-doc: [ "ocaml" "" "-doc" ]
depends: [
"conf-perl" {build}
"base-unix" {build}
("extlib" {build} | "extlib-compat" {build})
"lutils" {>= "1.9"}
("oasis" {build & >= "0.4.7"} | "oasis-mirage" {build & >= "0.4.7"})
"ocamlbuild" {build}
"rdbg" {>= "1.170"}
available: [ ocaml-version >= "4.02" ]
depexts: [
[ ["alpine" ] ["perl" "gmp-dev" "mpfr-dev" "m4"] ]
[ ["centos" ] ["perl" "gmp-devel" "mpfr-devel" "m4"] ]
[ ["debian" ] ["perl" "libgmp-dev" "libmpfr-dev" "m4"] ]
[ ["ubuntu" ] ["perl" "libgmp-dev" "libmpfr-dev" "m4"] ]
post-messages: ["The last version can be obtained via (opam repo add) "]
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