Commit 70a2023a authored by Erwan Jahier's avatar Erwan Jahier
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Some tuning so thta git clone lurette works.

parent 22b05289
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
source: gen_version
cd polka; make clean; make all ; make install; cd ..
cd GBDDML; make clean; make all; make cp; cd ..
cd GBDDML; make clean; make; make all; make cp; cd ..
cd source; make clean; make install; cd ..
cd install; autoconf; cd ..
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ gen_version:
rm -f source/
echo "let str=\"$(VERSION)\"" > source/
echo "let sha=\"$(SHA)\"" >> source/
rm version.tex
rm -f version.tex
date +VERSION_DATE=%d-%m-%y > version.tex
echo "\\newcommand{\\version}{$(VERSION)}" > version.tex
echo "\\newcommand{\\versiondate}{`date +%d-%m-%y`}" >> version.tex
......@@ -795,6 +795,7 @@ cp:
cp liblucky_nc.a $(LIB_INSTALL_DIR) ;\
cp Lucky/libluc4c_nc.a $(LIB_INSTALL_DIR) ;\
cp ocaml2c.h $(INC_INSTALL_DIR) ;\
cp droconf.h $(INC_INSTALL_DIR) ;\
cp Lucky/luc4c_stubs.h $(INC_INSTALL_DIR) ;\
make luc4ocaml-cp ;\
make draw-cp
#line 226 "noweb/droload.nw"
Struct necessary for building a DRO archive
(Dynamically linkable Reactive Object)
Such an archive can be loaded by simec/luciole
#line 54 "noweb/droload.nw"
#define DROVERSION "1.1"
#line 42 "noweb/droload.nw"
#define xstr(s) str(s) /* converts macro to string */
#define str(s) #s
/* should be of type type dro_desc_t */
#define DRO_DESC_NAME dro_desc
#line 58 "noweb/droload.nw"
struct dro_var_t {
const char* ident;
const char* type;
void* valptr;
struct dro_desc_t {
const char* version;
const char* name;
int nbins;
struct dro_var_t* intab;
int nbouts;
struct dro_var_t* outab;
int ( *step )();
void ( *reset )();
void ( *init )();
let str="1.50"
let sha="5765e24"
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