Commit 440b75db authored by Erwan Jahier's avatar Erwan Jahier
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Update the Makefiles in examples to take into account the rdbg-plugin/lutils split.

parent f303485f
export OCAMLOPT=ocamlopt
LIB=../../../lib -I +rdbg-plugin
LIB=../../../lib -I +rdbg-plugin `ocamlfind query lutils -i-format`
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ $(EXPDIR):
ocamlopt -shared -o $*.cmxs -I $(LIB) graphics.cmxa $*.ml
ocamlfind ocamlopt -shared -o $*.cmxs -I $(LIB) graphics.cmxa $*.ml
......@@ -14,13 +14,16 @@ endif
# XXX pack all those modules into one
CMXA_LIB = unix.cmxa nums.cmxa str.cmxa \
ezdl.cmxa gbddml.cmxa polka.cmxa rdbg-plugin.cmxa lutin-utils.cmxa lutin.cmxa
ezdl.cmxa gbddml.cmxa polka.cmxa \
rdbg-plugin.cmxa lutils.cmxa lutin-utils.cmxa lutin.cmxa
CLIB= `ocamlfind query camlidl -l-format` \
`ocamlfind query lutin-utils -i-format` \
`ocamlfind query lutils -i-format` \
-cclib -lcamlidl -cclib -lgmp
INCLUDE_DIR = -I +gmp -I +camlidl -I +polka -I +gbddml \
-I +rdbg-plugin -I +lutin -I +ezdl -I +lutin-utils
-I +rdbg-plugin -I +lutin \
-I +ezdl
let str="1.57"
let sha="18ee150"
let sha="f303485"
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