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Try to use the opam $NAME.install file to install the lutin package properly.

parent cbed4829
...@@ -268,5 +268,4 @@ lutin.native ...@@ -268,5 +268,4 @@ lutin.native
polka/C/ polka/C/
polka/caml/ polka/caml/
source/ source/
...@@ -39,11 +39,9 @@ lutin/src/ polka/ lutin-utils/src/lutinUtils. ...@@ -39,11 +39,9 @@ lutin/src/ polka/ lutin-utils/src/lutinUtils.
oasis setup oasis setup
BINPATH=$(shell dirname `which ocamlc`)/..
LIBPATH=$(shell shell ocamlc -where)/../lutin/
configure: configure:
ocaml -configure --prefix $(BINPATH) --exec-prefix $(BINPATH) ocaml -configure
.PHONY:doc .PHONY:doc
doc: doc:
...@@ -52,21 +50,15 @@ doc: ...@@ -52,21 +50,15 @@ doc:
man: man:
cd doc/lutin-man/ && make cd doc/lutin-man/ && make
cp doc/lutin-man/lutin-man.pdf $(LIBPATH)
install: install:
ocaml -install ocaml -install
cp lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.h $(shell ocamlc -where)/../lutin/
uninstall: uninstall:
ocaml -uninstall ocaml -uninstall
rm -f $(shell ocamlc -where)/../lutin/lut4c_stubs.h
reinstall: reinstall:
ocaml -reinstall ocaml -reinstall
cp lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.h $(shell ocamlc -where)/../lutin/
distclean: distclean:
ocaml -distclean ocaml -distclean
OASISFormat: 0.4 OASISFormat: 0.4
Name: Lutin Name: Lutin
Version: 2.32 Version: 2.33
Authors: Erwan Jahier Authors: Erwan Jahier
Maintainers: Maintainers:
License: PROP License: PROP
...@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ Description: ...@@ -14,7 +14,6 @@ Description:
automated testing of reactive systems with Lurette. automated testing of reactive systems with Lurette.
BuildTools: ocamlbuild BuildTools: ocamlbuild
PreBuildCommand: make lutin/src/ PreBuildCommand: make lutin/src/
PostInstallCommand: cp utils/simec_trap $exec_prefix/bin; cp utils/ $exec_prefix/bin; cp utils/lurette $exec_prefix/bin
#PreBuildCommand: make gen_version #PreBuildCommand: make gen_version
etc: [
bin: [
doc: [
lib: [
\ No newline at end of file
let str="2.32" let str="2.33"
let sha="0f939d6" let sha="cbed482"
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