Commit 2a501627 authored by Erwan Jahier's avatar Erwan Jahier
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just a commit to increment the version number to make sure it works

parent dc00be75
# DO NOT EDIT (digest: cc49fecfccfabb8b8c35ce58808d3cc7)
# DO NOT EDIT (digest: 5817daa05ad12eced985832be3cd3479)
# Ignore VCS directories, you can use the same kind of rule outside
# OASIS_START/STOP if you want to exclude directories that contains
# useless stuff for the build process
......@@ -67,21 +67,6 @@ true: annot, bin_annot
"polka/matrix_caml.c": package(gmp)
"polka/poly_caml.c": package(gmp)
"polka/polka_caml.c": package(gmp)
# Library lut4c
"lutin/src/lut4c.cmxs": use_lut4c
<lutin/src/*.ml{,i,y}>: oasis_library_lut4c_ccopt
"lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.c": oasis_library_lut4c_ccopt
<lutin/src/lut4c.{cma,cmxa}>: use_liblut4c_stubs
"lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.c": package(camlp4)
"lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.c": package(gmp)
"lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.c": package(num)
"lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.c": package(rdbg-plugin)
"lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.c": package(str)
"lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.c": package(unix)
"lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.c": use_ezdl
"lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.c": use_gbddml
"lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.c": use_lutin-utils
"lutin/src/lut4c_stubs.c": use_polka
# Library lutin
"lutin/src/lutin.cmxs": use_lutin
"lutin/src/lutin.cmxa": oasis_library_lutin_dlllib
let str="2.2"
let sha="fa794d2"
let sha="dc00be7"
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