Commit 0586efba authored by erwan's avatar erwan
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Fix: use a more recent npm node (to fix the release CI job)

and    replace     the    deprecated     semantic-release-gitlab    by
@hutson/semantic-delivery-gitlab to remove a warning.
parent 72e31b8a
......@@ -38,9 +38,9 @@ test_opam_test:
- yarn install --frozen-lockfile
image: node:8
image: node:12
- master
- $(yarn bin)/semantic-release-gitlab --preset eslint
- $(yarn bin)/semantic-delivery-gitlab --preset eslint --token ${GITLAB_AUTH_TOKEN}
stage: release
......@@ -19,7 +19,6 @@
"author": "Erwan Jahier",
"license": "CeCILL",
"devDependencies": {
"semantic-release-gitlab": "^7.1.1",
"semantic-release-gitlab-releaser": "^5.1.1"
"@hutson/semantic-delivery-gitlab": "^9.1.0"
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