Commit 00842ca7 authored by Erwan Jahier's avatar Erwan Jahier
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Make error messages format in an emacs compile buffer friendly

parent b8ab3588
open Event;;
open Ldbg;;
open Ldbg_utils;;
set_sim2chro false;;
set_gnuplot false;;
ltop "set_seed 1";;
add_rp "env:lutin:ex1.lut:main2" ;;
stl 1000;;
show_trace := false;;
profiler true;;
let e = run ();;
let e = nexti e 100;;
print_string (dump_profile_info());;
exit 0;;
break ""
......@@ -63,11 +63,11 @@ exception Internal_error of string * string
Formatage standard des lexemes dans les messages d'erreur
let lexeme_details lxm = (
Printf.sprintf "'%s' (file %s, line %d, char %d to %d)"
Printf.sprintf "'%s' \nFile \"%s\", line %d, char %d-%d"
lxm.str lxm.file lxm.line lxm.cstart lxm.cend
let lexeme_line_col lxm = (
Printf.sprintf "(line %d, char %d to %d)"
Printf.sprintf "(line %d, char %d-%d)"
lxm.line lxm.cstart lxm.cend
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