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    lurette 0.55 Wed, 03 Apr 2002 14:41:43 +0200 by jahier · f570cc25
    Erwan Jahier authored
    Parent-Version:      0.54
    Allow equalities between formula by translating [A = B] into
    [Or(And(A,B), And(Not(A), Not(B)))].
    Fix a bug where lurette had a bad behaviour whenever a toss
    was performed on a domain which size was bigger than max_int
    or max_float.
    Fix a bug where lurette was not handling env with both boolean and
    numerical as output vars.  Also add a few comments in solver.ml along
    the way.
    Adds a local bool as an output of heater in order to test the fix
    Project-Description: Lurette
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