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    lurette 0.51 Wed, 27 Mar 2002 17:46:03 +0100 by jahier · 6f6168b0
    Erwan Jahier authored
    Parent-Version:      0.50
    Change the way pre are translated in the .env file. Now
    instead of writting "_pre2toto", one writes "pre(2,toto)".
    But internally, it is handled the same way as before (i.e., the first
    thing I do when parsing the env file is to transform "pre(2,toto)"
    into "_pre2toto" (it makes the hangling of pre vars much more
    homogeneous with the way the other vars are handled.
    Also fix a bug where it was not possible to have a pre on input
    vars because the update_pre was failing to proceed quietly  whenever
    one of its var was not computable because its pre does have a value.
    Also give an appropriate error message whenever the user wrongly
    use a pre on a var that can not be computed.
    Project-Description: Lurette
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