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    lurette 0.48 Fri, 22 Mar 2002 14:29:17 +0100 by jahier · 1c7769db
    Erwan Jahier authored
    Parent-Version:      0.47
    Add support for (boolean and numeric) if-then-else.
    Remove the eval.ml module as the replacement of pre and input
    vars is now done in Solver.formula_to_bdd.
    Add a new module gne.ml that provides a garded normal expressions
    data structure that is used to handle if-then-elses.
    Also introduce a new field to env_state called bdd_tbl_global which
    is used to cache the result of formula_to_bdd for bdds that do not
    depend on pre nor input vars. The field bdd_tbl which cache the other
    reults is now cleared at each step because it is useless to store results
    that depends on pre and inputs.
    Project-Description: Lurette