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    lurette 0.104 Fri, 18 Oct 2002 16:23:42 +0200 by jahier · 15c3bf1d
    Erwan Jahier authored
    Parent-Version:      0.103
       use explicit file name so that, e.g., show_luc, is always able to find
       the file it is supposed to show.
       Allow users to put extension or not for the sut or oracle files,
       being at the prompt or at the invocation.
       cp lurette.ml and lurette.mli in the temp dir and compile it there
       to avoid that everyone is writing on the source dir which
       prevent the next user to use lurette...
       INCDIRS Ocamlmakeke file var is not supposed to contains path to .h C files
       to include but .mli ocml ones !!!
    Project-Description: Lurette