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Fix: do not close stdout

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(* Time-stamp: <modified the 05/07/2021 (at 09:17) by Erwan Jahier> *)
(* Time-stamp: <modified the 05/07/2021 (at 10:23) by Erwan Jahier> *)
(* let put (os: out_channel) (fmt:('a, unit, string, unit) format4) : 'a = *)
......@@ -1153,7 +1153,7 @@ struct dro_desc_t DRO_DESC_NAME = {
puth "#endif\n";
flush occ; close_out occ;
flush och; close_out och;
flush ocl; close_out ocl;
if not Lv6MainArgs.global_opt.Lv6MainArgs.soc2c_dro then (flush ocl; close_out ocl);
flush consts_h_oc; close_out consts_h_oc;
flush consts_c_oc; close_out consts_c_oc;
if not Lv6MainArgs.global_opt.Lv6MainArgs.soc2c_dro then
......@@ -1290,8 +1290,10 @@ fi
let call_script = "sh "^node^".sh" in
let call_exec = "./"^node^".exec" in
if args.Lv6MainArgs.launch_cc then (
print_string ("sys call: '"^call_script^"'\n");
if (Sys.command call_script)=0 then (
if args.Lv6MainArgs.launch_exec then (
print_string ("sys call: '"^call_exec^"'\n");
if (Sys.command call_exec)=0 then (
) else
print_string ("sys call: '"^call_exec^"' failed\n")
......@@ -1306,7 +1308,7 @@ fi
close_out types_h_oc;
close_out occ;
close_out och;
close_out ocl;
if not Lv6MainArgs.global_opt.Lv6MainArgs.soc2c_dro then close_out ocl;
if Sys.file_exists hfile then Sys.remove hfile;
if Sys.file_exists cfile then Sys.remove cfile;
if Sys.file_exists ext_cfile then Sys.remove ext_cfile;
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