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Fix: create the dir with -dir only if it does not exist

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(* Time-stamp: <modified the 05/07/2021 (at 16:40) by Erwan Jahier> *)
(* Time-stamp: <modified the 05/07/2021 (at 16:48) by Erwan Jahier> *)
Le manager d'argument adapt de celui de lutin, plus joli
N.B. solution un peu batarde : les options sont stockes, comme avant, dans Global,
......@@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ let mkoptab (opt:t) : unit = (
mkopt opt ["-dir";"--directory"] ~arg:" <string>"
(Arg.String(function x ->
Sys.mkdir x 0o640;
if not (Sys.file_exists x) then Sys.mkdir x 0o744;
global_opt.dir <- x))
["Set the directory into which output files are generated"]
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