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ci fix for sasa 4.0.3 again

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# Time-stamp: <modified the 18/04/2021 (at 12:04) by Erwan Jahier>
# Time-stamp: <modified the 18/04/2021 (at 13:28) by Erwan Jahier>
# This Makefile is meant to be includes by directories below
.PRECIOUS: .ml .rif .cmxs .dot
rm -f
sasa -reg $<
touch # so that it compiles under sasa 4.0.3
rm -f ; touch # so that it compiles under sasa 4.0.3
ocamlfind ocamlopt -package algo -shared $(shell sasa -algo $*.dot) $< -o $@
open State
let potential = None
let fault = None
let (legitimate: t Algo.legitimate_fun) =
fun pidl get ->
(* only one node is enabled *)
let incr_token i pid =
let s, nl = get pid in
let nl = fst nl in
let have_token = (if s.root then Root.enable_f s nl else P.enable_f s nl) <> [] in
let ni = if have_token then i+1 else i in
let token_nb = List.fold_left incr_token 0 pidl in
token_nb = 1
let legitimate = Some legitimate
(* let legitimate = None *)
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