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resolve conflict - merge rare-event branch

parents bc21a984 aa56d48b
......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ package firewire_2
on fast from s0 to s3
provided (n-c==1 && x==0)
do{s=3; x=0; contention = false; }
do{s=3; x=0; contention = false; }
on snd_ack from s1 to s0
package test
extern function printf(string, int, int)
port type Port_t()
connector type request( Port_t p1, Port_t p2)
define p1 p2
on p1 p2
atom type Component(int id)
data int cpt = 0
export port Port_t p()
place START
initial to START do {printf("var int c%d.cpt %d\n", id, cpt);}
on p from START to START do {cpt = cpt + 1 ; printf("var int c%d.cpt %d\n", id, cpt);}
atom type Resource()
export port Port_t p()
place START
initial to START
on p from START to START
compound type Compound()
component Component c1(1), c2(2), c3(3)
component Resource r()
connector request connect_cmp1( c1.p, r.p)
connector request connect_cmp2( c2.p, r.p)
connector request connect_cmp3( c3.p, r.p)
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