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......@@ -216,6 +216,7 @@ There are three main components to the documentation:
Other software packages exist for material science analysis, such as the popular commercial software Avizo whose closedness makes it unsuitable inspection and therefore trust.
Other open-source packages could be ITK [@schroeder2003itk] which remains quite a complex ecosystem, or ImageJ/Fiji [@imagej2] which is not fully 3D and not perfectly suited to scripting or running remotely.
All of the above have some version of the `label` toolkit which allows discrete objects to be characterised as well as some parts of the `measurements` toolkit.
On the specific topic of Digital Image/Volume Correlation, many pieces of software are available for 2D, surface and 3D image correlation.
The `spam.DIC.register` correlation engine uses a well-known mathematical framework dating back to [@lucasKanade], but distinguishes itself by being non-rigid, 2/3D compatible, clearly documented and relatvely fast.
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