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......@@ -967,7 +967,7 @@ def plotSphericalHistogram(orientations,
numberOfPoints = orientations.shape[0]
# Check that they are 3D vectors
if orientations.shape[1] != 3:
print('\nspam.helpers.orientationPlotter.pllotSphericalHistogram: The input vectors are not 3D')
print('\nspam.helpers.orientationPlotter.plotSphericalHistogram: The input vectors are not 3D')
# from
norms = numpy.apply_along_axis(numpy.linalg.norm, 1, orientations )
......@@ -977,15 +977,15 @@ def plotSphericalHistogram(orientations,
orientations = numpy.vstack([orientations, -1*orientations])
# Create the icosphere
if verbose:
print('\nspam.helpers.orientationPlotter.pllotSphericalHistogram: Creating the icosphere')
print('\nspam.helpers.orientationPlotter.plotSphericalHistogram: Creating the icosphere')
icoVerts, icoFaces, icoVectors = createIcosphere(subDiv)
# Bin the data
if verbose:
print('\nspam.helpers.orientationPlotter.pllotSphericalHistogram: Binning the data')
print('\nspam.helpers.orientationPlotter.plotSphericalHistogram: Binning the data')
counts = binIcosphere(orientations, icoVectors, verbose = verbose)
# Now we are ready to plot
if verbose:
print('\nspam.helpers.orientationPlotter.pllotSphericalHistogram: Plotting')
print('\nspam.helpers.orientationPlotter.plotSphericalHistogram: Plotting')
# Create the figure
fig = matplotlib.pyplot.figure()
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