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Modifications to findHistogramPeaks()

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......@@ -95,10 +95,12 @@ def findHistogramPeaks(image, valley1=20000, valley2=[], phases=2, gaussianFit=F
greyPhase1= totalgreylevel[totalgreylevel<=valley1]
countsPhase1 = totalCounts[0:greyPhase1.shape[0]]
peakPhase1 = greyPhase1[countsPhase1==countsPhase1.max()]
peakPhase1 = greyPhase1[numpy.argmax(countsPhase1)]
# peakPhase1 = greyPhase1[countsPhase1==countsPhase1.max()]
greyPhase2= totalgreylevel[totalgreylevel>=valley1]
countsPhase2 = totalCounts[(bins-greyPhase2.shape[0]):bins]
peakPhase2 = greyPhase2[countsPhase2==countsPhase2.max()]
peakPhase2 = greyPhase2[numpy.argmax(countsPhase2)]
# peakPhase2 = greyPhase2[countsPhase2==countsPhase2.max()]
if gaussianFit:
try: #Lets try to make the fitting
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