Commit 78961689 authored by Edward Andò's avatar Edward Andò
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twoD case in ldic for saving tiffs

parent 71eea386
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......@@ -347,7 +347,7 @@ for im2number in range(1, len(args.inFiles)):
if args.TIFF:
if nodesDim[0] != 1:
if not twoD:
tifffile.imsave(args.OUT_DIR+"/"+args.PREFIX+"-ldic-Zdisp.tif", PhiField[:, 0, -1].astype('<f4').reshape(nodesDim))
#if args.REGSUB:
#tifffile.imsave(args.OUT_DIR+"/"+args.PREFIX+"-Zdisp-regsub.tif", PhiFieldMinusRigid[:, 0, -1].astype('<f4').reshape(nodesDim))
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