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Dear Editors,
We present a paper for ``spam`` a collaborative project which is flourishing.
There are a large number of authors, however all have contributed in a significant way to this paper.
For clarity the contribution of each author is outlined:
- Olga Stamati : Core Developer
- Edward Andò : Core Developer
- Emmanuel Roubin : Core Developer
- Rémi Cailletaud : Core Developer
- M. Wiebicke : Bulk of "contact" toolkit
- Ryan C. Hurley : Initial versions of grain triangulator, bagiStrain
- Robert Caulk : spam.mesh.triangulate C++ CGAL triangulation interface
- Cyrille-B Couture : Implementation of initial regularStrain calculator
- Alejandro Ortega Laborin: ProjMorpho development
- Denis Caillerie : Validation of strain and DVC implementation
- Takashi Matsushima : spam.label.ellipseAxes function
- Olumide Okubadejo : ITKwatershed shim
- Riccardo Rorato : spam.label.trueSphericity function
- Pierre Bésuelle : Validation of strain implementation
- Félix Bertoni : spam.kalisphera C++ port
- Tom Arnaud : spam-mmr-graphical scripts
- Yue Sun : spam.measures.globalDescriptors curvature C++
- Alessandro Tengattini : histogramFitting development
- Jean-Baptiste Colliat : spam.filters.morphologicalOperations
- Mohammad Saadatfar : valdation of grain-strain computation
- Estefan Garcia : spam.label.feretDiameters function
- Christos Papazoglou : Initial version of histogramFitting
- Gustavo Pinzon : Fixes in spam.label.contacts, implementation of directional erosion
- Sébastien Brisard : Initial version of directional erosion
- Jelke Dijkstra : High-strain experimental data for testing of DVC
- Georgios Birmpilis : High-strain experimental data for testing of DVC
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