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Add rotation symbols to ereg since I always get the direction wrong

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......@@ -130,11 +130,11 @@ class ereg(QWidget):
# transformation grid: rotations
# transformation grid: rotations buttons
self.rXPlus5Button = QPushButton("+5")
self.rXPlus1Button = QPushButton("+1")
self.rXPlus5Button = QPushButton("5°↺")
self.rXPlus1Button = QPushButton("1°↺")
self.rXLabel = QLineEdit("{:.2f}".format(self.rArray[0]))
self.rXMinus1Button = QPushButton("-1")
self.rXMinus5Button = QPushButton("-5")
self.rXMinus1Button = QPushButton("-1°↻")
self.rXMinus5Button = QPushButton("-5°↻")
# transformation grid: rotations connect
self.rXPlus5Button.clicked.connect(partial(self.modifyPhi, "rX", 5))
self.rXPlus1Button.clicked.connect(partial(self.modifyPhi, "rX", 1))
  • Nice try, but this is not actually that reliable, the rotation direction seems to change between axes... needs to be studied more

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