Commit 30ecf179 authored by Edward Andò's avatar Edward Andò
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[skip-ci] let's just remove the print

parent a4f9cc2c
Pipeline #49499 skipped
......@@ -728,10 +728,7 @@ def registerMultiscale(im1, im2, binStart, binStop=1, im1mask=None, PhiInit=None
if verbose:
print("spam.DIC.registerMultiscale(): binning {} did not converge (return Status = {}), not continuing".format(binLevel, reg['returnStatus']))
# Multiply up displacement and return bad result
print('Phi before:', reg['Phi'])
reg['Phi'][0:3,-1] *= float(binLevel)
if verbose:
print('Phi after:', reg['Phi'])
return reg
binLevel = int(binLevel/2)
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