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......@@ -21,6 +21,25 @@ Geometry in `radioSphere` is everything: the coordinate systems defined are as f
![Geometry](figures/projectedCoords_v2.png "Coordinate Systems")
Notes on the repository
- `tools`: this folder contains the core functions of radioSphere:
- `detectSpheres`: functions related to `tomopack` (Step 1)
- `optimisePositions`: functions related to the optimiser (Step 2)
- `projectSphere`: The tools to create projections (units mm)
- `tests`: contains tests to test the functionality of what is in tools
- `examples` and `paper/figureScripts`: examples of the use of `radioSphere` on both synthetic and experimental data
- `data`: where the presented experimental and synthetic data is stored to run the examples
- `figures`: figures for paper and this website
Installing radioSphere
......@@ -33,11 +52,3 @@ run the tests to make sure everything is OK:
`pytest tests/`
`python test`
Technical notes
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