Commit 3b750e16 authored by Olga Stamati's avatar Olga Stamati
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average multiple sphere projections

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......@@ -300,6 +300,7 @@ def projectSphereMM(spheresPositionMM, radiiMM, ROIcentreMM=None, ROIradiusMM=No
# spheresPositionMM.astype('<f4'),
# displacementsMM.astype('<f4'),
# projectionXmm)
projectionXmm /= n_delta
elif ROIcentreMM is not None and ROIradiusMM is not None:
# Make sure there's only one sphere:
assert(len(spheresPositionMM.ravel())==3), "projectSphere.projectSphereMM(): in ROI mode I want only one sphere"
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