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"""Import of modules"""
import numpy as np
import cv2 as cv
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
import os
"""This function counts the frames in a video"""
def number_of_frame (name_video) :
cap = cv.VideoCapture(name_video)
numb_frame = 0
while True:
ret =[0]
if ret:
numb_frame = numb_frame + 1
return numb_frame
"""This function denoise the frames 1 by 1"""
def denoising_video (name_video, file_image_denoising):
#Creation of the file location if it does not exist
try :
if not os.path.exists(file_image_denoising):
except OSError :
print('Error : Creating directory of data')
numb_frame = number_of_frame(name_video)
cap = cv.VideoCapture(name_video)
# create a list of frames
img = [[1] for i in range(numb_frame)]
# convert all to a good format
colored = [cv.cvtColor(i, cv.COLOR_BGR2RGB) for i in img]
# convert all to float64
colored = [np.float64(i) for i in colored]
colored = [np.uint8(np.clip(i,0,255)) for i in colored]
frame = 2
while frame < numb_frame - 2 :
#You can find the documentation of this function on the website of opencv
dst = cv.fastNlMeansDenoisingColoredMulti(colored, frame, 5, None, 3, 3, 7, 21)
#we have to modify the color format because we modified it above for the function
correct_color = cv.cvtColor(dst, cv.COLOR_RGB2BGR)
name_frame = './'+file_image_denoising+'/frame'+str(frame)+'.jpg'
frame = frame+1
print("Frame = ",frame)
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