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import matplotlib.pylab as plt
import netCDF4
import numpy as np
import netCDF4 as nc
def mod_arr(field,axis,order):
"""Define array with boundary conditions to compute partial derivatives for first order forward scheme.
Boundary condition for last row or column:N=N+(N-(N-1)) of field array
• Field: field to derive (array to modify)
• axis = 1, colums varies (used to compute derivates along x). axis = 0 rows varies (used to compute derivates along y)
• order=order of precision of derivatives"""
if order==1:
if axis==0:
elif axis==1:
return mod_arr
def derivatives(field1,field2,axis,order):
"""Compute partial derivatives along a field called field2 which could be in time or space using first-order forward scheme
• Field1: Field to derive
• Field2: Field to derive from
• axis: along which derivation is carried out.
axis=1 derivation along i direction, axis=0 derivation along j direction
• order= order of precision of derivatives, this function can be expanded to a higher order of precision"""
if order==1:
return der
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