add version and 'git describe' computed at compile-time; update to v3.4.6

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Removing ylm

Skipping Git submodules setup
Executing "step_script" stage of the job script
Using docker image sha256:fd300071a570385e749da5cb1db35c2739b2cd21e8733fb99e084a723c6e289b for gcc with digest gcc@sha256:3f8b39b5a9e8f03e1bb00ae166f9350fb0fe4413076a697fff9fd8355d13c0ea ...
$ apt-get update -qq && apt-get install -y -qq libfftw3-dev python-numpy python-dev swig
E: Unable to locate package python-numpy
Cleaning up file based variables
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1