Commit d78176a0 authored by Nathanaël Schaeffer's avatar Nathanaël Schaeffer
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fix bug arising when compiled without simd and nlat/2 is odd, leading to wrong analysis.

parent 47a2b1c1
......@@ -56,9 +56,9 @@ V v2d vw[2*llim+2+LSPAN];
// the SSE macro should align these arrays on vector length.
#ifndef SHT_AXISYM
Q double reori[NLAT_2*4 + (VSIZE2-1)*4] SSE;
V double teori[NLAT_2*4 + (VSIZE2-1)*4] SSE;
V double peori[NLAT_2*4 + (VSIZE2-1)*4] SSE;
Q double reori[NLAT_2*4 + VSIZE2*4] SSE;
V double teori[NLAT_2*4 + VSIZE2*4] SSE;
V double peori[NLAT_2*4 + VSIZE2*4] SSE;
Q double reori[NLAT_2*2 + (VSIZE2-1)*2] SSE;
V double teori[NLAT_2*2 + (VSIZE2-1)*2] SSE;
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