Commit b5d5b814 authored by Nathanaël Schaeffer's avatar Nathanaël Schaeffer
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fix cuda compilation (typo introduced in commit 6aff8b46)

parent d91536bf
......@@ -461,7 +461,7 @@ static void planFFT(shtns_cfg shtns, int layout)
} else if (!(layout & SHT_THETA_CONTIGUOUS)) { // use the fastest layout compatible with cuFFT
if (NLAT & 1) runerr("odd nlat not supported by GPU"):
if (NLAT & 1) runerr("odd nlat not supported by GPU");
shtns->fftc_mode = 2; // out-of-place
// Fourier -> spatial
shtns->ifftc = fftw_plan_many_dft(1, &nfft, NLAT/2, ShF, &nfft, NLAT/2, 1, (cplx*) Sh, &nfft, 1, nfft, FFTW_BACKWARD, shtns->fftw_plan_mode);
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