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......@@ -919,6 +919,55 @@ force them to keep accept treatement with meal and money, nurse
- Must cite things
- Self plagiarism is when you cite yourself without say it
- Maximise number of publication by publishing only small paper
* Course 12
** Other Scientific integrity issue
- *Ghostwriting* : invisibilization of the contribution of everyone.
- *Authorship*: to increase publication list, (you may actually buy
authorship for 10k euros.
- *Why cheating*
- Career pressure
- Ease of fabrication
- Monetary gain
- Power structure
- *h index*
- ScienGen generate fake article
- reviewer must be paid ? (arnaud think it's researcher duty)
** Presentation
*** Autonomous and connected car security challenges
Some problems
- Hack and remotely disable the break. (dangerous).
- Capitalists interest the optimal path to macdo.
- Not perfect tech.
- Ecological issue because it not need license.
- Moral problems who should be saved.
Some advantages
- Synchronised driving
- no tired,drunk,fatigue...
- Respect of traffic law
*** DeepNude
There is no advantages for this tech.
- Use for digrading someone
- traumatising
- revenge porn and things like that.
Some technologies can detect deepfake.
The app was taken down.
*** Artifical intelligence on education
- Pros
- A great potential (question, answer)
- Personalize learning experience.
- Negatives
- Goals not clearly defined
- Fairness not well established.
- Domino effect.
* Tools
** Binder
Launch docker image
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