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#+TITLE: Review for firstname lastname
#+options: num:nil
* Review of Florian work
Done the 17/11/2021
git SHA: 076291cf
** Choosing three names and analysing their frequency
There is a short explanation of how datas are taken and organise.
Code is here and easily usable with Rstudio (and it work).
The plotted curve is understable and have nice colors, but there is
no analysis.
** Establishing the most givenfirstname per year
Explanation of how data are use to get the most given firstname is in
my opinion well done. For the last chunk of code i've done something
that i think is easier to do and output same result.
There is an analysis that lead to the same conclusion as me.
** Conclusion
Maybe doing analysis of the three name and add some point the most
given firstname is a good idea.
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