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Add gitingore and course 5

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# R package: bookdown caching files
# End of,c,c++,emacs,r,ocaml,jupyternotebooks,database,data,datarecovery
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# End of,c,c++,emacs,r,ocaml,jupyternotebooks,database,data,datarecovery
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*** Interpretation
......@@ -204,6 +204,29 @@ quality of data)
*Report the method that has been used*
* Course 5
** Challenger
- See formula write on challenger
- Plot the confidence region.
- Try to do in python and R and compare.
- How data is acquired of which physics thing its related... Why thing
makes sense.
** Practical
*** Parallel quicksort
- Put info of running computer
- Change the plot
- Check code and generated data / check compile (compile with -O0 not efficient)
- Try to do experiment in same situation (maybe do not launch tests
with org open). But sometimes maybe it can be use under use.
** ggplot reminder
- look at the flipboo
* Course 6
* Tools
** Binder
Launch docker image
Supports Markdown
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